RedWater Events Preferred Vendors

The RedWater events program was developed in an effort to help our local vendor community of photographers, videographers, florists, DJs, and more get back to work post stay at home order. The main goal of the RedWater Preferred Vendor Program is to help build trust and credibility for our trusted vendors and their businesses to anyone looking at a RedWater Venue or other, as well as overall to the West Michigan area. To help with the credibility, we created a special badge they can place on their website once approved to let their visitors know they are a RedWater approved vendor. 

How the Preferred Vendor Program Works

To be a part of the Preferred Vendor Program, vendors must have successfully worked at least 1 event at a RedWater venue location and received stellar marks from our internal events team members. Our events team will be looking for things like:

Communication - how well did they communicate with our team as well as their bride and groom or corporate client? 

Timeliness - were they on time and did they show up prepared to do what we or the client asked them to do?

Professionalism - did they conduct themselves professionally no matter what the event or who is watching them? 

Ease of working with - were they polite and easy to get along with when communicating on ideas?

How to Apply

To apply for the RedWater Preferred Vendor Program please contact us at

We will confirm with our internal staff you did in fact work this event, and one of our team members will follow up letting you know you have been accepted, and will send you the badge which you can feature on your website.